Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ubuntu 8 is near!!!

The powerful desktop operating system (OS), based on Linux, called Ubuntu will release their version 8.0.4 desktop on Thursday. This OS has the newest Microsoft Office compatible suite called OpenOfiice, built in. It also has a redesigned interface. Includes Firefox 3 arguably one of the most awaited pieces of software of this year. I have been running the beta release for the past month and I have to say that I am very impressed, so much so that I find myself in Ubuntu more than Windows XP. As you can see on the software pane that I am a big fan of the Open Source software. Ubuntu is based mostly on Open Source software. Check it out www.ubuntu.com

As a side note: Ubuntu downloads as an ISO that you burn to a CD, what is so impressive is you can run this OS from the CD!!! Yes you drop the CD in your drive and boot your machine. You will be allowed to run Ubuntu from the CD while leaving your OS (Windows XP or Vista) alone.

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